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super duper

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Case closed.

Super_Duper is the archenemy of the Barons of Bullshit. Because the moderators are overtrusting, they had let Super on the server several times after being banned each time. His criminal record includes: Griefing Diamond Falsification TNT Trapping people's houses on several occasions Griefing Making Swastikas Making Penises Setting fire to creations accidentally on purpose Griefing Harassing other users Being a dick, like a bigger dick than everyone else on the server Hacking Darky's Email and gaining his password Griefing

Super is Superfuckingultra-banned from the server and forums. A notification has been posted to other servers. If you own your own server, be on the lookout for Super_duper. He isn't super or duper for that matter. He's dangerous and will cause harm to you and your server. Each of his actions are either destruction or sinister. Anything good he does is to gain your trust. He has also mentioned how he has schizophrenia and gets angry quite easily. If you see him, permaban him. Do NOT give him the benefit of the doubt. He will attempt to ruin anything you love. Below is the chat log for what got him originally banned:

Server Chat Log[edit]

Barons of Bullshit server Chat Log of September 13, 2010:

(15:10:36) super_duper used /say %2berreta %ehas joined the game.

(15:10:47) super_duper used /say %2berreta: %fstill REAL FUCKING MAD AT U

(15:10:51) <super_duper> me?

(15:10:59) super_duper used /say %2berreta: %fno, gret.

(15:11:06) <super_duper> he didnt even do anything last night

(15:11:11) <super_duper> he was in a diff level

(15:11:13) <super_duper> so get muted

(15:11:23) super_duper used /say %2berreta %eis now %9muted!

(15:12:13) super_duper used /say %2berreta %eis afk. %2(fuck you super)

(15:12:19) <super_duper> looooooool

(15:12:22) <super_duper> berreta

(15:12:25) <super_duper> ur not reallymuted

(15:12:31) super_duper used /say %2berreta: %fo

(15:12:34) <Hunter1234558> LOL

(15:12:59) super_duper used /say %2berreta: %fWELL FUCK U GRET U SHIT

(15:13:08) super_duper used /say %2berreta %edisconnected.

(15:13:12) <super_duper> mmkay

(15:16:00) anonIP logging in as VintageSoap.

(15:16:04) VintageSoap used /players

(15:16:09) <Hunter1234558> hey Vintage

(15:16:12) <VintageSoap> hey

(15:16:15) <mpghappiness> hello my love

(15:16:20) <mpghappiness> my lovely cat on my desk

Yahoo Chat Log[edit]

Yahoo Messenger chat archive between VintageSoap and Super_duper:

Vintage: ohai

super_duper: SHUT THE FUCK UP

super_duper: no jk

super_duper: hai

super_duper: you should have seen berreta rage last night

super_duper: it was hilarious

super_duper: he was raging sooo hard

Vintage: lol

Vintage: im gonna add /ragequit

Vintage: that sends a ragequit message like "<name> ragequitted"

super_duper: lol

super_duper: but yeah he was mad at gret

super_duper: cuz gret used /fill on a tnt house

super_duper: and replaced it with brick

super_duper: when it was blowing up

super_duper: it was a huge explosion and gret just canceled it

Vintage: looool

super_duper: berreta was like "FUCK U BITCH U STOLE MY MOMENT! FUCK U UP THE ASS"

super_duper: about 90 f bombs later

super_duper: he rage quit

Vintage: lol

super_duper: he even spammed a middle finger

~1 hour later

super_duper: berreta came back

super_duper: starting raging sooo hard

super_duper: then left

Vintage: lol

super_duper: he was all liek


super_duper: and then i pointed out

super_duper: gret wasnt here

super_duper: and he said

Vintage: lol


super_duper: and then he left

super_duper: thats not even opinion

super_duper: its fact

Vintage: lol

super_duper: he spammed a little

super_duper: like he has a program

super_duper: which spammed

Vintage: shit

super_duper: then he left

super_duper: sooo annoying

Vintage: y does berreta rage so much

super_duper: well

super_duper: idk

super_duper: i was there

super_duper: gret didnt do anything

super_duper: and then the explosions stopped

Vintage: oh

super_duper: beretta blamed it on gret

Vintage: lol

super_duper: f bombed, spammed

super_duper: etc

Vintage: that was yesterday right?

super_duper: yes

Vintage: ah

Vintage: so

Vintage: wat do about him

Vintage: should i just make him spec?

Vintage: he's spamming according to you

Vintage: and

Vintage: yelling

Vintage: being offensive

Vintage: i think i should probably spec him

super_duper: hm

super_duper: that kind of punishment so abruptly would be kinda harsh

super_duper: guest at least

super_duper: everyone deserves a 2nd chance

super_duper: also it just wasnt me who witnessed

super_duper: ask gret, hunter or mph

super_duper: mpg*

Vintage: oh

Vintage: ok

super_duper: but yeah id reccomend guest if anything

Vintage: hmm

Vintage: guest

Vintage: not builder?

super_duper: he was warned last night mind you

Vintage: oh

Vintage: ok

super_duper: by myself and

Vintage: u sure guest then?

super_duper: i even think falcon warned him

super_duper: Well you know

super_duper: guest for a while

Vintage: alright

super_duper: as some sort of "threat"

VintageSoap demotes Super_Duper to Guest on the server.

Vintage: <Vintage posts the server's chat log from above>

super_duper: c this would be the time where i gtfo

Vintage: :P

Super_Duper logs out of both Yahoo Messenger and Minecraft.